Peerless Website Comprehensives

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Design 1B- v1A:

• Face book feed is retained in this design.
• 8 navigation tabs added on left side
• Blue background added from design #3 in header
• Peerless Logo is larger
• Call 24 Hours 757-873-1495 is added in header
• 'Immediate Same Day Disaster Response' moved up in header
• Call to action button for “Contact for Free Carpet Care Quote or Appointment” has been added. NOTE: This text/button will animate with the REFERRAL AWARDS program messaging; each one will link to an appropriate landing page.
• Lower focus box text and blocks revised to make 'Commercial & Residential' more noticeable
• Changed “Carpet Cleaning” to “Carpet Care Services”
• Moved social buttons, so not to overlap 24/7 logo
• Added phrase “Restoring more than just property…Restoring life and memories in footer
Design 1B- v2A:

Same as design #1b except the Face book feed has been replaced with a 4th focus box.

• Also demonstrating 2 points.

a. Sample for expanding nav tab. (see Water & Sewage Damage)
b. Rotating message text in button for 'Referrals' in upper right.

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