BCLS, Inc. Website Comprehensives

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Design 6d_v1-rev2- Features:

'DISCOVER THE GREENER SIDE OF LIFE' tagline is super-imposed over a light grass silhouette. It has been placed visually as a stand alone tagline.
'Our Mission' text and the teal, semi-transparent swooping shape is over-layed on main photo.
The 3 lower 'Focus boxes' have gradient borders that match the frame around the main photo.
Background is a solid, light teal color.
Design 6d_v2-rev2- Features:

The height of the top most horizontal dark teal-green bar has been reduced.
The color of the main navigation bar and footer is a solid green (is same color green taken from the grass color in the BCLS logo.
The swoop shape has been integrated into the background (same as J.R. reference)
3 lower 'Focus boxes' have been reduced and has complimentary short description text for each.
The text in footer has been written to extent SEO efforts over search engines.
Background is teal to white color gradient.
Design 6d_v3-rev2- Features:

Same as design v2 above except the background is teal to white color gradient with stylized botanical silhouettes.
Design 6d_v4-rev2- Features:

Same as design v2 above except the background is mid-teal, light stone texture.

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