BCLS, Inc. Website Comprehensives

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Design 3a- Features:
Top section will animate project photos on left and right.
Lower 3 sections link to the project photo galleries.
Design 3b- Features:
Same as design 3a except lower 3 photo galleries boxes have been shorten.
Design 3c- Features:
Same as design 3b except showing a different image in the background.
Suggest using grass, landscaping (or) stone as applicable on interior web pages.
Design 5a- Features: (3 part, 3second animation: See 5a-5b-5c)
Top section will scroll-in project plan schematic image...
Design 5b-
Next a transparent slider vertically drops-in from the top of the image with descriptive text. Immediately after the image begins to wipe from right to left to reveal the finished project photo.
Design 5c-
Finished project photo is displayed and then the 3 step animation repeats again for Hardscapes and Seasonal Services.

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