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Become an independent taxi driver in Virginia Beach. Be your own bossch
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Have you ever considered firing your boss? Become an Independent Contractor and you can.

As an independent taxi driver you can choose your own hours and answer only to yourself. Work, sleep, and play whenever you choose. Your income potential is directly related to, or limited by, your efforts, so a high level of motivation is vital; a little bit of creative initiative doesn't hurt either.

Good drivers are always highly valued and sought after. Our company has gone to great lengths to set ourselves apart from the rest. We offer competitive lease options and rates on the latest model fleet of cars around. Low mileage and well-maintained vehicles mean less down time for you. We do not employ drivers as dispatchers, so there's no one out there taking the calls that should be distributed to the fleet. Calls are distributed fairly, on the basis of location and availability. Tipping out the dispatchers is not allowed to further encourage fair distribution. We market our company aggressively because we know that, the more calls that come in, the happier our fleet of drivers can be. We know that the backbone of a good taxi company is a fleet of good, happy drivers.

Please call and ask about our lease options and availability. We can mold a lease around your schedule if needed. Of course, you must have a good driving record and be insurable. You must also be honest, fair and reliable in dealing with both customers and your fellow drivers.

We look forward to having good drivers join our fleet family. Call 757-333-2524 for more info.

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