TRIQUEST WOLFPACK Website Comprehensives

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Design 1a- Features:
Mouse over on lower boxes highlights the text and wolf eye. These are linked to interior pages.

Design 1b- Features:
• Same as design 1a with a wolf pack image in the top. May be possible to have this image and few others randomly change on page refresh.
Design 2a- Features:
Center-left '3' photos fade animate.

Design 2b- Features:
• Same as design 2a except the wolf pack image in the upper right is black and white versus a blue duo-tone.
Design 3a- Features:
Upper left photo fade animates and changes taglines.

Design 3b- Features:
• Same as design 3a except demonstrating a second photo in the animation sequence with example tagline.
Design 4a- Features:
Hover on image lightens the image and informational text is shown beneath each tab. Clicking on same goes to interior pages.

Design 4b- Features:
• Same as design 4a except using duo-tone blue for the darken photos. These will change to color on mouse-over.

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