Tidewater Bariatrics website logo designs

Design 1 - The term bariatrics was formed from the Greek root baro which means weight, and -iatrics which is a branch of medicine. This logo is a fun, contemporary way of expressing weight with a iconic person, representing either gender and emphasizing the person with double circles. The full circle represents life-change and the uplifted arms, a sense of celebration.
Design 2 - This logo has a dual message. (1) The sun represents the Tidewater area, as well as strength and energy. The last two attributes will be achieved as patients begin to experience a new level of wellness. (2) the reversed print represents the change in life a patient will experience -- much like looking into a mirror and seeing his or her self, but differently. Both positive.
Design 3 - Offering a stamp-like, solid image, this logo is emblematic in appearance. The leaf conveys new life
as it goes from autumn yellow to a bright spring green.
Design 4 - Sometimes less is more... this simple logo has a corporate feel using the diamond shape. Diamonds represent the highest of quality in gemstones. The gemstone being subtly referred to is the clinical practice of Tidewater Bariatrics.
Design 5 - This is an more contemporary artsy abstract communicating healthy people, in a nongender manner.
Design 6 - This logo illustrates new life with the appearance of the butterfly. The font contributes to the logo by giving it a feeling of lightness and free flowing ease to the name.

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