Paragon Construction Logo Design Comprehensives

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Design 1-

1) Logo has a six-sided polygon icon surrounding a home icon.
Design 2-

1) Logo has interlocking building blocks overlayed over the word construction.
Design 3-

1) Logo has roof icon with a diamond keystone.
Design 4-

1) Logo has a reverse roman column.
Design 5-

1) Logo stylized P&C in combination with an adjustable right-angle icon.
Design 6-

1) Logo stylized P&C with a light registration mark icon.
Design 7-

1) Logo stylized with heavy all caps letters and splitters between to convey stability.
Design 8-

1) Logo has stylized pyramid icon.
Design 9-

1) Logo has a six-sided multiple polygon icon.
Design 10-

1) Logo has interlocking 'P's' to form an icon.
Design 11-

1) Logo has an inverted building or roof covering icon,
Design 12-

1) Logo multiple stylized building icons.

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