Norfolk Oral Surgery Website Comprehensives

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Design 1a- Features:
Has quick 'Contact' form on right side.
Has quick "Directions' form on right side.
Services text and images are displayed for quick reference.
Design 1b- Features:
Same as design 1a except demonstrating text and photo color change on mouse over.
Clicking on text link or photos goes to that 'Service' section interior page.
Design 1c- Features:
Same as design 1b except the 'Services text and images are shown on right side off page in a traditional navigation style. Same hover effect as 1b will apply on mouse-over.
Design 2a - Features:
Design will feature fading-animating photos on the left side of page. Text links for services is also displayed.
Quick contact form is on right side.
Color credit card logos added to footer.
Design 2b - Features:
Same as design 2a except demonstrating different photos that will animate within the fading animation on the lower left side.
Design 2c - Features:
Same as design 2b except the color credit card logos have been changed to black and white.
Design 3a - Features:
Services or Procedures are listed on the left side.
Lower section has quick references for 'Appointments' and 'New Patients'.
Design 3b - Features:
Same as design 3a except each individual service will fade animate in place.

After 4 services have animated then, a new group of 4 thumbnails will slide into place. Users may use the arrows to advance or reverse the animation.

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