Hang In There Website Comprehensives

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Design 1a -
Each time the home page is refreshed or visited a new 'hang' image appears.
Design 1b -
Sample of second new 'hang' image. Will have 5 total.
Design 1c -
Sample of third new 'hang' image.
Design 2a -
Words up top fade in and out to show new 'positive altitude' words. FB script shown.
Design 2b -
Same as design 2a with smaller SN sharing icons that can be stacked vertically on the left side. 3 icons shown as example.
Design 2c -
Same as design 2b with different climbing-art-graphic attached to logo.
Design 3a -
Top photos scroll-animates different photos. Lower section has multiple focus areas.
Design 3b -
Same as design 3a except showing new 'hang' photo beneath logo.
Design 3c -
Same as design 3b except different silhouettes will be shown on refresh versus color photos.
Design 3d -
Same as design 3c except lower focus boxes have been removed.

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