Halcyon Group International Website Comprehensives

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Design 1A -
Preliminary design with basic information for email, phone and certifications in footer.
Design 1B -
Same as design 1A with informational paragraph added below global map.
Design 1C -
Same as design 1B containing scrolling flags and fading animating photos.
Design 1D -
Same as design 1C containing scrolling flags colored global map and additional random photos added.
Design 1E -
Same as design 1D except a 'mini' Halcyon icon is displayed over countries for office locale and mission areas.
Design 1F -
Same as design 1E except global map has been reversed and introduction text is seated in lower left.
Design 1G -
Same as design 1F except mini icons have been removed from the global map and introduction text is 4 lines justified left/right.
Design 1F -
Same as design 1G except we will fade-animate one single photo over the map. Users will be able to see the global map between each photo fade as shown above.
Design 1F -
Sample of single photo fading in over global map.
Scrolling flags: Where flags are shown, flags for every country will slowly scroll right to left on the page.
Animating photos: Where photos are shown, photos will fade/animate randomly displaying most or all resource photos provided.

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