Gastroenterology Consultants Website Comprehensives

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Design 1a -
Upper photos fade animate randomly to show different gastroenterology stock photos. Main navigation links are on the left. When user hovers over these links the sub-menus are displayed.
Design 1b -
Same as design #1a except we will start with a static photos of all the physicians on the home page. The interior pages can have stock photography in he top or other custom photography from your practice.
Design 2a -
Physician photos will scroll or fade right to left from beneath the stethoscope image. Navigation is displayed horizontally and tag line has been added to the left beneath the logo.
Design 2b -
Same as design #2a except the physicians photos have been replaced with medically related photos.
Design 2c -
Same as design #2b except the top photos have a duo-tone red and gold effect.
Design 3a -
The upper left photos fade animate randomly to show different gastroenterology stock photos or other custom photos from your practice.
Design 3b -
Same as design #3a except physician photos are removed. Upper left photo will still animate. Note: Tag line can be changed or change with the animating photos.
Design 3c -
Same as design #3b except an animating biography scroller has been added on the lower left. This interactive element will cycle through all 6 physician photos and short bio. When clicked this links to the complete bio.
View to see this effect.

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