CBHELOS Website Comprehensives

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Design 1a - Photo is set to expand up to 1800 pixels wide monitor resolution. Note the the design is 'Flush Left' in the browser screen.
Design 1b - Same as design #1a except the image and web page is centered. Any additional imagery of the main photo is seen on the left-right side and will expand to fill the computer screen up to 1800 px wide.
Design 1c - Same as design #1c except the sWam and Utility Camera Rentals logos are displayed as black and white with transparency to prevent the users eye from being quickly drawn to the footer.
Design 2a - Top section will feature a series of 3 photos. A new image will slide into the center from the right side automatically. Clicking on the left or right photo will also trigger the sliding animation. Design also features a small text intro area and a *Super footer.
Design 2b - Same as design #2a except the logo and header elements are white over solid black.
Design 2c - Same as design #2b except the 'super footer' has been removed.
*Super footer - More commonly seen in today's websites a 'super footer' is shown below the fold and servers two functions. 1) Offers users a quick-at-a-glance way to find information in your website. 2) Serves to help search engines crawl your interiors pages quickly and contributes to your search engine presence.
Design 3a - Top section will feature random animating fading photos and a 'service related tag line'. Section below the main photo is reserved for featuring important 'service areas' of CBHELOS. The design also features a small text intro area. Design 3b - Same as design #3a except the intro text has been removed. Design 3c - Same as design #3a except a super footer has been added.

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