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We are pleased to be able to present our website for the Plastic Surgery Center of EVMS. Because we as plastic surgeons concentrate on the surface and form of the body, it is this area where our work and craft changes you the most and contributes to a fresher and more youthful look. However, we realize that aging is a total body occurrence and have seen the value of counseling for total wellness with the goal of improving on the aging process. In fact, all aspects of aging have been clearly shown and documented to be improved when certain measures are taken by the patient.

When you come to the Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center for plastic surgery, we are hopeful that you will depart a much healthier person because you have taken advantage of the information available to you regarding nutrition, skin care, physical conditioning, supplements, and skin care products.

The concept of combining anti-aging counseling along with rejuvenative surgery and excellent skin care will make you feel as good as you look and look as good as you feel! So we welcome you to our plastic surgery clinic, our skin care facility, and all of the anti-aging information which we may furnish to you.

  Warmest Regards,
James H. Carraway M.D., F.A.C.S

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