Beta Capital Corp. Website Comprehensives

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Design 1a- Features:
Top section will fade-animate photos. Different taglines may also rotate with photos.
3 'Focus Boxes' are featured in the bottom.
Design 1b- Features:
Same as design 1a except demonstrating a new photo in the animation sequence.
Design 1c- Features:
Same as design 1b except showing a new background behind the people.
Design 2a- Features:
Top section will fade-animate 3 photos.
3 'Focus Boxes' featured in the bottom highlighting Beta Capital Corp. offerings.
Quick inquiry short form is displayed.
Design 2b- Features:
Same as design 2a except a blue gradient has been added below photos.
Design 2c- Features:
Same as design 2b except showing different people to be used in the random animation sequence.

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