Versa Medical Consulting Website Comprehensives

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Design 1a- Features:
Top section will scroll-animate doctors and medical people. Different taglines change over the photos. Their is a quick 'Request Form' on the right side.
Design 1b- Features:
Same as design 1a except showing a different photo in the animation sequence.
Design 1c- Features:
Same as design 1a and b except, instead of animating large fading photos; having single images of doctors and medical people scrolling from right to left in the upper frame.

Design 2a- Features:
Top middle photo section will change on refresh or page load. The blue box on the right side will animate text about Versa.


Design 2b- Features:
Same as design 2a except showing what user will see when they click to close the right side box.
Design 2c- Features:
Same as design 2b except showing different photo treatments. All photos for A, B or C will have a dot matrix effect and scope lines overlaid on photos.

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